Hapoel Jerusalem | Another comeback for Hapoel on the way to fourth place

Another comeback for Hapoel on the way to fourth place

Hapoel Jerusalem imitated a double-digit deficit for the third time in a row and overtook Hapoel Holon in the table with 89:96 away. Eight 3-pointers for Speedy Smith (Photo: Oded Karni)

21/04/2024  | News
It becomes a habit: week after week Hapoel "Bank Yahav" Jerusalem enters an early hole - and climbs out of it as the game progresses. After erasing minus 15 against Hapoel Afula and trailing 14 and 12 against Hapoel Galil Iliyon in a pair of different games in the cup and in the league, they came back tonight (Sunday) from a 16-point deficit in the second quarter, beating Hapoel Holon 89:96 at Toto Hall and overtaking them on their way to fourth place in the league Winner basket with her sixth victory in a row in all frames.

Hapoel has been showing a lot of character lately, and this evening proved that it knows how to win in the "shooting competition" as well and not only by lowering the tempo and through the defense. The cup holder scored no less than 15 three-pointers at 48%, controlled the rebound despite the lack of Zach Hankins and knew how to maintain the lead in the closing minutes. Speedy Smith was the best on the court with 26 points and a career high of eight three-pointers, Chris Johnson was one of the stars of the turnaround with a streak of big three-pointers against the former and Yuval Sussman presented his best game of the season with 19 points, including a collection of critical baskets in the fourth quarter.
Holon opened with a storm, hitting 11 consecutive shots from the field and safely leading for a quarter and a half, but at the break it was down to a minimal lead - and spent most of the second half in pursuit. The purple-yellows already count three consecutive losses, and have not yet definitively secured their place in the upper house. Tajir McCall led six local players in double figures with 17 points, including six in a row at the beginning of the fourth quarter that gave the team its last advantage, Niv Mashgav recorded a double-double of 13 points and 12 assists - but arrived exhausted in the deciding minutes and lost two critical balls.

Hot atmosphere in Toto Hall (photos: Oded Karni)

the progress of the game
Holon started with a quintet with Niv Misgav, Drew Crawford, Netanel Artzi, Kevin Hervey and Justin Smith, Hapoel with Speedy Smith, Yoval Zoosman, Levi Randolph, Nimrod Levi and Jacorey Williams. The start was for the two centers: Smith scored two three-pointers, Misgav handed out great assists to everyone and with a three-pointer with the buzzer for the shot clock it was 10:14. The Holoni Smith floated to wonderful baskets, Harvey got into things and made the host 9 of 10 from the field, Williams tried to keep the Reds within touching distance but Tajir McCall and Smith opened a double-digit gap, 14:25. Or Cornelius came off the bench well, from an excellent room on the other side, Khadin Carrington and Yotam Hanouchi joined the list of scorers and a third three-pointer by the red Smith reduced the score to 29:21 after ten minutes
at a great pace.
Williams tries to score above my country (photo: Oded Karni)

Misgav and McCall started the second quarter with shots from the outside, Zoosman tried to reduce but Dawson scored 23:38 with a basket and a foul. Smith of Jerusalem and Smith of Holon exchanged baskets and Crawford opened a record lead of 16 points, before Zoosman and Smith erased half of the deficit with a run of 0:8, 42:34. Hervey tried to stop the momentum with a three-pointer, but Zoosman responded immediately with the same coin and Cornelius shooting from the corner brought the Reds closer to only 45:40. Hervey scored from the line after a technicality for Carrington and Arati made an excellent move to the left, Chris Johnson got on the board with a typical 3-pointer from the corner, McColl Dyke with a pair of free throws, but Williams in a series of excellent actions closed an excellent half at Toto Hall with a minimal deficit, 50:47.
Carrington tries to get between Amir and Makol (Photo: Oded Karni)

Artzi doubled the gap with a three-pointer back from the locker room, but the next few minutes belonged to the Jerusalemites: Randolph scored four straight before going to the bench with four fouls, Johnson took control of things with three three-pointers - including one in which the ball bounced high off the rim and landed back in - and Williams and Levi made it 56:64 for the Reds in the middle of the quarter. A three-pointer by Artzi and a dunk by Crawford made the local crowd jump, Misgav with free throws and an assist to Dawson took care of the tie, but the fiery
Smith answered with two three-pointers, 69:73 for Jerusalem after 30 minutes.
Johnson. A turnaround in the third quarter (Photo: Oded Karni)

McCall came out hot for the last quarter with three consecutive baskets including a virtuoso move that completed a turnaround, but Zoosman immediately answered with a three-pointer from the corner and also added a pair of free throws, 75:78. Williams' floater completed seven unanswered red points and sent his colleague Amit Sharaf to talk about it with his apprentices, Smith from Holon made a layup, but Smith from Jerusalem broke a career record with three-pointers number 7 and 8, 77:86. A big dunk by Williams opened a double-digit gap for the first time in favor of the guests, but Hanouchi and Crawford immediately narrowed the score to 88:81, two minutes to the end. Johnson took a big offensive rebound and was accurate twice from the line, Misgav scored a three-pointer from long range and Crawford made another one to reduce the score to 90:87, a minute before the buzzer. Zoosman corrected Carrington's foul, Misgav lost but Amir grabbed back and Crawford flew in for a layup, 92:89. Zoosman was sent to the line and calmly dunked twice, Smith stole to Misgav and sent Johnson for a dunk that closed the story - an
important 89:96 at the end for Jerusalem, which climbs to fourth place in the table.
Zoosman. Great work on both sides of the field (Photo: Oded Karni)

Smith. Career record in three-pointers (Photo: Oded Karni)

Holon: Makol 17 (4-9 for two, 1-4 for three, 6-7 from the line, 4 assists), Smith 14 (7-10 from the field, 3 rings, 3 steals), Misgav 13 (3-4 for three, 12 assists, 3 steals, 6 turnovers), Hervey 12 (3-5 for threes, 4 turnovers), Artzi (2-5 for twos and threes, 1-4 from the line) and Crawford (4-6 for twos, 1-4 for threes, 6 rebounds) 11 21, Hanouchi 6 (2-3 for two, 0-3 for three), Dawson 5 (2-5 from the field). Also played: Amir.
Hapoel: Smith 26 (8-12 for threes, 1-4 for twos, 8 assists, 3 steals, 4 turnovers), Zoosman 19 (4-4 for twos, 2-6 for threes, 5-5 from the line, 9 rebounds, 5 steals), Johnson 17 (10 in the third quarter, 4-5 for three, 3-4 from the line), Williams 15 (7-9 from the field, 1-3 from the line, 8 rebounds), carrrington 7 (1-8 from the field , 5-6 from the line), Cornelius and Randolph (1-7 from the field, 3-4 from the line, 4 assists) 5 each, Levi 2.

Williams and Johnson celebrate another transformation (Photo: Oded Karni)

Smith, who excelled in the game, is going to thank the crowd (photos: Oded Karni)
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