Hapoel is Rallying Behind Tamir Moran

Tamir Moran is Battling Brain Cancer and Needs Our Help

From: Web Site Editor - 12:21 | 15/04/2015 | (Photo by: דור קדמי)

At a recent Hapoel Bank Yahav Jerusalem game, Tamir Moran was introduced in front of the crowd and received a standing ovation. He desperately needs funds to cover costs for his cancer treatment. Tamir needs to travel to the United States to receive a treatment for his brain cancer that costs 140,000NIS. Hapoel Bank Yahav is proud to announce that the organization is donating 30,000NIS towards this cause. At the game, Tamir was also presented with gifts, including: jewelry from Yvel, a breakfast for two at Aroma Cafe, 200NIS gift certificate to Tzomet Tfarim, sunglasses from Dr. Lovinger, Hapoel merchandise and a new iPad from  the Crowne Plaza Hotel. The gifts were distributed by the owners of Avron Systems, the CEO of the Crowne Plaza Hotel, and famed Hapoel veteran fan Mashka Leitvak.

To help Tamir, please donate towards this cause. Funds can be wired to the following account:

Bank Discount 121685944 Branch 060

or call Tamir's father at 011-972-546641252 or email him at moranl@inter.net.il

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