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New player for Hapoel: Sean Williams

The center joined Hapoel Migdal Jerusalem after three years in the new-jersey nets (photo: nba.com)

From: Alon Akerman
Date: 31/8/2010 | Hour: 12:43

Sean Williams (23, 2.08) signed for one year in Hapoel Migdal Jerusalem, and will come to isreal in sunday. the center played in boston college for three years, and was known from the beginning for his shot-blocking abillity.

He was drafted in the 17 pick by the new-jersey nets, had a good rookie season and played there for 3 years. he left during last season and moved to play in china for fujian.

Williams will be the first foreign player in hapoel to play in israel for the first time. he will be joining brian randle, uri kokia and lior hakmon in the front court.

good luck for sean!

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